Learn to Forgive Yourself

The pandemic, lockdowns and quarantines have taught us, more than anything else, that we need to live with ourselves. That we cannot rely on other people, places and institutions to entertain and/or occupy us.

The virus has lowered us to our lowest common entity, the no frills, basic entity of our own selves.

Thoughts and feelings, complexes and phobias that we have held in check with the external expressions of our lives, are crowding in upon us now: and they will not be denied their existence. Age-old grudges, family feuds, friction and bitterness that were held at bay by the daily business of living, demand examination and resolution.

Learn to forget.

Learn to forgive.

But let that purge begin within our own selves.

When we think we are perfect, we upbraid ourselves for any lapses that we notice in ourselves. “I should not have done that. How COULD I?” “Why DID I think that? I should not have!” are only questions and observations that arise when we believe that we are infallible, perfect, divine.

Which none of us is. Thankfully.

Why don’t we tell ourselves that it is ok to make mistakes? only when we allow ourselves that liberty, can we allow ourselves the freedom to rectify that mistake.

If we are constantly chastising ourselves for eating too much, for instance, stop the blame game. Stop the self hate and the loathing. When we do that, when we allow ourselves the indulgence of deciding what we want to do with our bodies, and stop fat shaming ourselves, we might also allow ourselves to taste every morsel we eat and relish it. And when we are conscious of what we eat, we might eat less. Or decide to continue eating, regardless. It is our choice, our life, our body. What we put into it, is entirely our concern.

And that time, long, long ago, when we had behaved rottenly to our friend/acquaintance/family member/colleague, and we have been carrying the guilt with us all these years? Or the irrevocable, thoughtless words we had uttered to someone ages ago, which caused a rift in an otherwise perfect relationship? Let us allow ourselves to forget those, if we can. If we find that difficult to do, let us definitely allow ourselves to forgive those.

We are not God. We need to fix that very firmly in our minds. We are human and we do make mistakes. Let us not scourge ourselves for being fallible individuals.

But whatever forgiveness we distribute to other people, please let us remember, that we need to forgive ourselves first.

On this, the first day of the first month of Spring, let us discover the fresh blooms within ourselves.

Let us welcome the Spring into our own lives.

Sending all who read this, a warm hug.

Stay blessed.

Have a blessed day.

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