Stop Prying

Good morning.
Now that the euphoria of the new year has died down, there is a subtle, but scary shift of mood which affects all of us.
All. Of. Us.
When we are ‘different’ in public or are sitting in corners and not talking, sometimes all we want, is to be left alone.
All. Of. Us
When you ask us what is wrong, and we say, ‘Nothing’, it doesn’t mean that we are trying to avoid you or prevaricate, it is just that too much has happened and we don’t know where to begin the story from.
All. Of. Us.
When a ‘normally’ talkative person neither smiles, or talks, and your question about ‘what’s wrong?’ doesn’t elicit any answer, it is not because something is wrong with you, or your relationship with that person, it is just that we want our space for the moment.
All. Of. Us.
When someone decides to open up about their own internal battles, which you have not gone through, don’t dismiss the account, with ‘You’ll get over it/ its a passing phase/you must not think like that’. I am sorry, but we DO think like that, and we are too terrified about tomorrow to know that it is a passing phase. And DON”T walk away pretending that you have got a phone call, so that you can avoid the person. It hurts way more than you know: and when we have come to you with trust and hope, when you brush us off, you are only reinforcing our own negativity.
All. Of. Us.
So what do we need?
We need time.
We need our space. We need a smile or two, a kind word, sometimes a pat on the back, or a peck on the cheek.
All. Of. Us.
But we certainly do not need officious people who think they are mentors, figures of authority, or people sitting on ‘chairs’ by default, to tell us that we are ‘mad’, ‘L.Ds’, or crazy. We do not need people telling us.”How could you forget such a simple thing???” I am sorry, but we did. We do. It is NOT done deliberately, so harping on that does NOT help us in any way.That hurts.
All. Of. Us.
This is a fervent plea for understanding. Today, we are in need of it. Who knows? Tomorrow, you might be. You see, it affects us.
All. Of. Us.
Have a blessed day.

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