Good evening.

We were out today, buying some very essential things like ice cream and fish, and we were leaving Hypercity, when this child comes up to me and asks, ‘Teacher, have you seen the sun today?”, and I look up and it is Mohit Gadia, a student I had taught 33 years ago. He was exiting as we were about to, and he drew us to one of the tables on the ground floor, near the Exit, and insisted that we try the chilli paneer that he was taking home for his family. This kid owns the Subway franchise here and at other places, and some other franchises, too, I think.The food was offered with so much love and sincerity, it brought the tears to my eyes.I taught this kid half a lifetime ago, maybe for a year or so: but he greets me like I was entering the class for a lecture, and he was sitting in school uniform on one of the benches in class.I feel blessed, twice over, that I am a teacher: and that I was able to meet every year, students who have touched my life, kindled my heart and sang to my soul.There is a gratitude in me that overflows my heart every time I meet one of these kids, and a thankfulness that for a brief period when our lives touched, before we moved on.

Stay blessed.

Have a safe night with people you love.

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