Good Samaritan

Good morning.
Parimal Gavit runs a small restaurant near Thane station.

Rupali Bhutia is a small child who is nine months old. Her mother, Sonali, sells flowers on the pavement near the restaurant. Parimal noticed that the infant never lay down even when she was sleeping. Her mother propped up the sleeping infant with her bags of flowers. He decided to find out what was wrong…and it was then that he saw that there was a large cyst on her back. Parimal says that he was shocked by the size of it and his heart went out to the child who was obviously in pain, but was always smiling.On approaching and conversing with Sonali, he learnt that although she knew it had to be seen to, she could not afford taking the child for treatment.
Touched by their condition, Gavit took the baby to Wadia hospital on 27th January. Doctors there were stunned at the size of the cyst, that had made the baby lose strength in her legs…it was 150 gms big.The authorities said that if the baby had been brought in, even 48 hours later, the cyst would have burst. Gavit offered to pay for the three-hour operation which entailed removing the cyst which had already got entangled with the spinal nerve roots. But the hospital waived all charges, and conducted the surgery free of cost.
The baby will be discharged on Tuesday, but will require long term physiotherapy. Gavit, the good Samaritan, in the Biblical and every other sense, is discussing ways and means to pay for this convalescence, with hospital authorities.
Three cheers for Parimal Gavit, hip hip hurrah! And if any of you know him, do let him know how much his example has stoked my faith in humanity.
And three cheers for Wadia hospital, and Dr Minnie Bodhanwala, CEO of the hospital: hip hip hurrah! And if any of you go there, or know her, do let them/ her know that this shining example will go a long way to dispel the suspicion that doctors, as a race, have seemed to have incurred over the years.
Have you touched a life today?
Have a blessed day.

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