‘Clutter’ ?

Good morning.
It is the 4th of December, 2018.
The year is winding to a close and waiting in the wings, is a new one, full of promise.
Switch off your mobiles and all things electronic; gaze out of the window at any green growing entity. Anything at all. Look at them changing before your eyes, every day.
There are old trees and old leaves, withered flowers and rotten fruits and they are all dropping and drooping.
They fall; and in an endless, eternal pattern of death and life, destruction and creation, there is a small, barely perceptible hint of trembling green, waiting to take its place.
Two weeks ago, an ex student, attending one of my impromptu Literature classes in Starbucks, who does me the supreme honour of calling me ‘teacher’ instead of the generic ‘miss’, ‘madam’ or ‘ma’am’, stated that this year has been bad for every one. I acquiesced. This year has been terrible for me. But I remember that last November had brought its own shadows, too..
To all who are going through hell and back now, in whichever way, I would like to tell them to keep faith, and not crumple or crumble beneath the onslaught of bad luck or bad circumstances. Keep faith: not because January is another month, or 2019 another year, but because, into every life, a little rain must fall and every parade will be rained on…
If you are keeping track of your life’s journey, highlight its joys and its ups, in the same way that you notice its troughs of despair, and its downs. Count the smiles and the laughter, not just the tears and the sighs. Notice the hearts you have won, not the people who may have left you in the lurch. Don’t grieve so much for what you have lost, that you are fail to see the beauty and graciousness that still exist in your life.
There is only so much indifference that a loving heart can take before they give up on you. Once a patient soul turns away from you because of your pursuit of the transitory, momentary sparkling ‘diamonds’, there will be a hole in your life bigger than all the continents put together, metaphorically speaking.There are only so many times good human beings will keep knocking at your door, hoping that you will open it. Once they turn away from you, NOTHING will bring them back.
There is so much talk of throwing away the ‘clutter’ in your life, when the year ends. I think you need to know what is NOT clutter, so that it continues to be a part of your life. Don’t throw those away ‘by mistake.’ Recognise that they are the breath of your life. Keep them close.There are many diamonds…but there is only one Sun.
Have a blessed day.


Ring out the old…

Good morning.
We are reaching the close of the year. We are approaching the beginning of another. Please try and remember: these are only arbitrary dates on a calendar. They don’t mean anything. What you haven’t been able to achieve this year, can be achieved the next: even though I do know a certain very stubborn person with weird ideas of seeing 100 movies and reading 100 books within a year, etc.
Don’t start hating yourself because you haven’t been able to conform to somepunishing schedule that you have set yourselves.
Life is too brief to be lived on the basis of what other people think of you.
If you need to talk, find a friend.
If you can’t find a friend, message me.
Life is good.
Have a blessed day.

Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F…

Good morning.
So back during the time when I was retiring, long, long, ago, there is this young man I genuinely respect, who felt he knew me well enough to not only recommend this book, to me, but also order it and send it home for me. He probably intuitively realised, that, being an English teacher, I would know the meanings of all the words, four lettered or otherwise, looking at it, purely from an academic point of view, and without disapproval.
The cover of the book is featured below this post.
I read it in two hours, within the time I had between college lectures, household chores,listening with rapt attention to my mother-in-law, and my husband…you know the ritual.
I don’t know how many of you are squeamish about four-letter words: Eminem has taught me that they have their place in life and creativity. But don’t be put off by these words. One note of warning, though: the book is liberally peppered with them. But if you can get beyond your natural repugnance to them, the book is an eye-opener in every which way possible. It shakes you up, it destroys many of your cherished ideals and value systems, it shoots down your comfort zones, every one of them. It tells you things about yourself and other people that you would rather not know. It requires a great deal of courage to read and acknowledge the home truths in what Mark Manson says.
But at the end of it, you feel a sense of being reborn, and alive again. Throughout the book, you are confronted with the intellectual honesty, the courage and the compassion of the author.
Read it for the truth. And the courage.And the searing, no-holds barred honesty of the author. And read it in the end, for his analysis of commitment, and why is is so difficult to commit oneself to one person, one profession, one compassionate way of life…and ultimately, why that commitment is so rewarding.
And for all the Puritans out there: don’t judge a book by its cover.
So there!
Have a blessed day.